Contemporary Art


CHRITCH  (C.Tchaderdjian) 

was born in Cairo (Egypt) in 1961 and currently lives & works between Cairo and Paris where she settled in 2015, after years spent in Canada and in the United Arab Emirates.

Her artistic practice evolves around the notions of Time, Memory and Vanishment.  She explores the ephemeral dimensions of the human experience, gathering and reordering fragments of thoughts, emotions and intuitions, with the objective to preserve, revive and anchor them into the contemporary.

Her work combines symbolism, cubism and abstraction and is strongly influenced by Egyptian Folk art "Khayamiya" patterns, Armenian Calligraphy, Islamic Art and Pharaonic Egypt.

Her Mixed-Media paintings celebrate the diversity of our world yet remind us the underlying commonality of human experience that binds us all. Her creative process begins by fracturing the picture plane into tiny cubist fragments allowing for multiple readings and viewpoints to come into play. Colours , shapes, and textures merge and give birth to recognizable forms situated in abstract compositions while media like oil, acrylic and collage provide a great deal of textural nuance. "The multiple portraits, scenes, colours, styles, & themes that intermingle in each of Chritch's paintings are the product of a mind at constant work and an artistic hand that knows no boundaries"-Artis Spectrum Magazine, New York, 1999.

Best known by her "Foreign Faces" series exhibited in 2010 in Agora Gallery (New York) and during the 4th Abu Dhabi Film Festival at the Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace, by her diptych titled "Wonderland" exhibited in 2011 in Abu Dhabi by the Ministry Of Culture & Community Development, and by her "Proverb" series, which were exhibited in 2010 in ADACH Abu Dhabi Culture & Heritage. She also directed the educational program "Ways of Seeing" and art conferences for ADMAF (Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation). In 2013, her project "Humane" was selected to participate to the IX Florence Biennale (Italy) "Ethics DNA of ART".

Graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Cairo in 1984, with a degree of Honor, she became First prize winner for Mosaic of "Cairo National Youth Exhibition" . Apprenticed with Egyptian painters Hamed Nada and Zakaria El Zeini.

Member of Egyptian Artists Association (Unesco) & Quebec Artist Association (RAAV), she was in 2008 one of the founding members of the Abu Dhabi based art collective "Fanaan", established with the purpose of bringing together and cultivating an artistic community in the Capital.

She participated to a number of group and solo exhibitions in Cairo, Paris, Montreal and Toronto, as well as in New York and the UAE. Her works are housed in public and private collections throughout the Middle East, Europe and North America.